CoRMaT Tidal Turbine

How CoRMaT works

The CoRMaT second generation tidal turbine is innovative and proven technology employingtwo closely spaced contra rotating rotors, driving a contra rotating electrical generator. The first rotor has three blades rotating in a clockwise direction while the second rotor, located directly behind the first, has four blades rotating in an anti-clockwise direction.

How CoRMaT WorksThis doubles the relative rotational speed compared with a single rotor turbine, allowing the turbine to directly drive a flooded, permanent magnet, contra-rotating generator, without a gearbox. The flooded generator is cooled passively by the water, eliminating parasitic energy losses associated with gearbox driven water tight active oil based gearbox-generator cooling systems and power absorbing shaft seals.

The magnetic field acts across the rotor and rotating-stator sections of the generator as a "differential", equally splitting the torque between the two rotors. Reactive torque acting on the supporting structure is eliminated allowing the system to be moored rather than rigidly attached to the seabed.

This enables the turbine to be deployed in water depths from 8m 500m. Buoyancy chambers at the front and rear sections of the nacelle are tuned to achieve neutral buoyancy. The turbine is connected to a tensioned mooring at a point in the water column where the flow velocity is greatest and surface wave action minimized. Tidal flow induced drag forces ensure that the turbine remains perpendicular to the flow at all states of the tidal diamond, resulting in maximum energy capture.

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