CoRMaT Tidal Turbine

CoRMaT's Advantage

CoRMaT is a second generation tidal turbine.

CoRMaT has been designed from first principles as a system for generating power in the tidal environment. Unlike first generaton devices which are often "marinised wind turbines", it's unique contra-rotating rotor system drives the following advantages:

Low Capital Installation Cost

  • No expensive moorings or pilings required
  • Can be commercially viable both at small "community " generating scale and as large deployed arrays
  • Water dpeth is not a material challenge or cost driver


  • Simple direct drive generator eliminates need for gearbox
  • No need for complex blade pitch control

Ease of Maintenance

  • Easy to deploy and recover
  • Device comprises only a small number of simple sub-assemblies


  • Increased energy capture compared to single rotors
  • Always optimally oriented to capture maximum energy from tidal flow
  • Increased density of devices per farm due to decreased "wake" effects

Low environmental impact

  • Minimum turbulence created by device
  • Low rotor speed and increased blade density reduces likelihood of collision or damage to marine life
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