CoRMaT Tidal Turbine



Technology Partners:


Airborne use differentiating technologies to produce innovative composite products on an industrial scale for markets as diverse as aerospace, oil & gas, high-end machines, marine and science. Airborne are designing and producing high performance, low cost blades for the CoRMaT turbine.

Energy Systems Research Unit (ESRU)

ESRU was established by The University of Strathclyde in 1987 as a cross-discipline team concerned with new approaches to built environment energy demand reduction and the introduction of sustainable means of energy supply.

Mooring Systems Limited

Mooring Systems Limited provides mooring services to the offshore industry. The company's founders have a strong track record in the design and provision of mooring components. Mooring Systems Limited is the patent holder for the TCMS® mooring and loading system.

RES Offshore

RES Offshore offers integrated development, engineering, construction and O&M services for utility-scale renewable energy projects. From offshore wind farms to wave and tidal, they bring to projects the considerable skills and experience acquired over 30 years in the renewables industry. RES Offshore are managing the consenting and construction phase of the Argyll Tidal Project.


SmartMotor has developed innovative and breakthrough technologies for making highly efficient customized generator assemblies.


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