CoRMaT Tidal Turbine

Tidal Energy

The gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon drive massive tidal flows in our seas. In many places, bathymetric variation and the complex shapes of coasts serve to focus these tidal flows into a highly energetic resource which can be harvested to generate clean, renewable electricity.

Tidal flows, and the resultant electrical power, are highly predictable and dependable offering significant advantages over both wind and wave generated power. The most energetic tidal sites are often avoided by both leisure and commercial marine users posing significant challenges to tidal developers but minimizing the impact of tidal energy harvest on others.

In the United Kingdom, the exploitable tidal energy resource has been estimated as being sufficient to generate 94 Terra Watt hours per year of electricity in water depths of 40 meters or less*. This is equivalent to about one quarter of the  UK’s current annual electricity consumption. CoRMaT is able to operat in even deeper water depths than this, offering the opportunity to considerably increase the UK's harvestable resource.

The global resource is believed to exceed 600TWh/y.

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