Things to keep in mind before purchasing a glass washer

If you own restaurant or a cafe you know it can be quite difficult to manage everything at the same time. Sometimes it is just not possible to hire a whole lot of staff because of an already cramped space in the kitchen. In such instances it is essential that you have equipment which would streamline your work and allow you to focus on serving your customers better.

One piece of equipment that is essential for a bar or a cafe is a glass washer. It is necessary that the glasses come out sparkling clean every time so that you can serve your customers in a hygienic and sanitary manner. It is also essential to follow the guidelines laid down by the local restaurant Association and cleanliness is definitely one of them. Nobody wants to have their drinks served in a dirty glass so make sure that you invest in a good quality glass washer.

Purchasing a glass washer

Most people think that the glass washer serves a similar purpose as a dishwasher and even though they appear the same there are certain differences between each of these because they are suited for different purposes.

The glass washer has a gentle water flow cycle which allows it to achieve complete cleanliness in a glass safe environment. Most of these glass washers come with the stop or start option that eventually builds up to get maximum protection for delicate items and at the same time achieving a squeaky clean result.

Usually a glass washer will only need a time cycle of 60 seconds to wash 25 glasses. The short cycle helps protect the glass from any sort of damage. Usually a glass washer it is designed for under the counter setting. These glass washers are available in a different number of sizes the size that you choose would depend upon the capacity of glasses which needs to be washed at a single time in your bar or Cafe. If storage is a problem then you might need to invest in a smaller glass washer but it might not be big enough to accommodate as large number of glasses at the same time.

Make use of a bar glass washer which is easy to use and time efficient. When it comes to Commercial grade glass washers these have multiple programs which can be used for heavily soiled glasses or delicate items and so on. There are controls which can maximize the water and energy efficiency and are easy to operate and do not involve a great deal of hassle.

You may also want to consider noise because it is an important factor. It is obvious that a machine is going to make some sort of noise but there are certain machines that tend to be quieter then others. If you are using the glass washer at the back of the kitchen then the noise might not be such a big deal however if it is placed just under the bar, it is better that you choose a glass washer which is quieter.

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