What Safety Measures Should You Implement During Concrete Cutting Projects in Brisbane?

A very high number of industries, including construction industries, require concrete-cutting services. This is because such jobs involve cutting hard materials such as brick, concrete and asphalt. However, concrete cutting is not very safe for you, and it exposes you to health risks like noise pollution, slips and falls and inhaling toxic exhaust fumes. Due to such reasons, it is essential for you to always ensure that you learn safety measures that you should put in place every time you find yourself in a concrete cutting job.

Safety Measures For Concrete Cutting in Brisbane

The following are safety measures that will help you keep yourself and the people around you safe whenever you are in a job requiring concrete-cutting services;

  • Always wear the proper gear

Concrete cutting uses machines that produce excess dust and noise, meaning you are only safe if you gear up. Wearing the right protective gear will help you significantly protect your mouth, ears and eyes when cutting concrete. Some protective gear you should have include glasses, a mask, ear plugs and steel-toed footwear. Also, if you work in a high-traffic place, you must use high-visibility reflectors to alert road users that you are currently working on the site. Also, remember to wear clothes that are not loose since they can get easily caught in the machines, which can be dangerous.

  • Always inspect your equipment before starting your job

ensuring that you fully and thoroughly inspect your equipment before using it is a great way of enhancing the safety of a job site. Inspspecting your concrete cutting equipment helps you know the condition of the equipment before you begin working. If there are any issues with your equipment, you can have someone fix the issues or use an alternative equipment that is fully functioning.

When you have fully functioning equipment,   very few accidents can occur, preventing you from risking the safety of other workers.   Also, as you inspect your equipment, ensure that the equipment has the right blade for cutting concrete, depending on the depth and length you need to cut.

  • Avoid any distractions

When cutting concrete, interruptions and distractions can result in job site accidents and worker injuries. For this reason, whenever you are in a concrete cutting project, keep off interruptions and distractions. In case you need to attend to anything, including picking up a call, you must switch off your equipment and place it in a safe place. You should also ensure you are not using earbuds and earphones since they will prevent you from listening to your colleagues or even hearing warning signals and backup alarms from your equipment. Instead, ensure that you are always focused on the safety of everyone on the construction site.

  • Prepare cutting lines

Though concrete cutters are professionals and have tremendous cutting power,  they can be injured if they forcefully operate on a site. This is why one must prepare cutting lines before one starts cutting concrete. Following the cutting lines you prepare also helps you cut concrete accurately and reduce the wear of your blade.

  • Pay attention to electricity

If you are working in a place with exposed electric cables,  you are vulnerable to getting electrocuted, slipping and causing explosions. It would help if you began insulating and grounding all the electric cords and wires. Also, attention to specific electrical hazards, especially when involving wet concrete cutting procedures, is essential.

  • Don’t be in haste

Concrete cutting is among the jobs that require one to be patient.   Since you are using heavy equipment, take your time. Also, being in a hurry can damage your blade and equipment since it leads to overheating.

Final Thoughts

Concrete cutting is usually a  very complex activity that requires one to be very cautious. For the sake of your safety and other workers and your equipment, ensure that you use all the above safety precautions. However, you can always contact concrete-cutting professionals from Precise Cut and Core in Brisbane whenever you need concrete-cutting services.






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